Terms And Conditions

At Fast Loans No Credit Check, we provide the assistance to interested loan seekers and independent lenders to contact and make the loan agreement. We are the loan arranger website that provides the platform to loan seekers to connect with multiple lenders and get the right service. However, before making the use of our site of taking our service we request you to read the terms and conditions related with the site carefully. By using the site, you give your acceptance on the terms mentioned in this agreement. In case, you find any term unacceptable then please avoid using our website.

About Us

It is notable that we are not a lender or authorizes to take lending decision on behalf of any lending firm. We are just leading loan arranger website that is associated with multiple licensed independent lenders and help people to get the desired cash help at the time of need. Here we share the details and needs of our users with more than one lender so they can get the right service. The decision of lending is taken totally by the lender as we play no role in their lending process. It is recommended to check the lending terms with the lender before making the commitment as you take the help totally on your own risk.

Rules And Regulations

  • You are allowed to access our site only if you the adult citizen of Canada who attain the age of 18 years or above.
  • There is no chance to negotiate with the terms and conditions mentioned herein.
  • To experience our service, you need to fill our application with accurate and current information.
  • Filling our form doesn't promise the loan approval as we are not the part of lending decision.
  • You can enjoy our free referral service as we receive the commission from our lenders for referring the potential borrowers.

Usage Of Data Collected

  • We use the collected data strictly for helping people by sharing it with the lender that can provide them needed cash service.
  • We never share the details of our clients with the third party that doesn't come under our panel. But we might share your information with the legal entity, if requirement arise.
  • In case your application details found to be incorrect or misleading then your date will be treated as fraud and market to terminate your registration.

Authorized Usage And Proprietary Law

The material available at our website is protected under the copyright and propriety law. Thus, you are authorized to copy or download the needed content for personal or non-commercial use only. The modification, reproduction, imitation or sale of any material of this site is strictly prohibited by the law.

Modification Rights

At fastloansnocreditcheck.ca, we are fully authorize to make the necessary changes in website and terms and conditions any time without notice. The amendments come with immediate effect so you are advised to regularly check the updates especially before making the use of the Website.

Way To Compliant

We provide the opportunity to file the complaint with us in case you are not satisfied with the service. Just write your company at info@fastloansnocreditcheck.ca. We will respond to your complain as soon as possible.

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